• TCP imported 1,104,605 MT of white sugar in 2010-11
  • As per directive of the Government, TCP has delivered 478,480 MT of sugar to Utility Stores Corporation (USC) . 2,843 MT to Canteen Stores Department (CSD), and 300 MT to Pakistan Navy. 56,861 MT has been off loaded in the open market through tenders to stabilize the prices. Similarly, 169,337 MT has been delivered to the provincial government for marketing through their own mechanism.
  • TCP imported 130,000 MT of white sugar in 2020-21
  • As per directive of the Government of Pakistan, TCP has delivered 130,000 MT of sugar to Govt of Punjab.
  • TCP imported 304,409 MT of white sugar in 2021-22


  • TCP imported 1.7 Million MT of Wheat in 2020-21.
  • As per Directive of Government of Pakistan, TCP has delivered 1,021,193,097 MT of  Wheat to Punjab, 444,935 MT to KPK, 117,528 MT to Sindh and 114,532 MT to Passco through tenders to stabilize the prices.    
  • TCP imported 2.2 Million MT of wheat in 2021-22.


  • 100,000 MT urea has imported against open tender for Rabi Corp 2011.
  • Similarly 125,000 MT has been imported under the Saudi Fund for Development's credit facility of US$ 100 million from Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC) for Rabi Corp 2011.
  • The entire imported Urea has been delivered to the National Fertilizer Marketing Limited (NFML) for domestic marketing.
  • As per decision of ECC of the Cabinet vide case # ECC-109/13/2019, dated 03rd April 2019, TCP imported 100,972 MT Urea, to meet the requirement of Kharif Crop. Two ships namely MV “Iron Lady” and MV “Gravity” carrying 50,073 MT and 50,899 MT urea arrived at Karachi Port on 21-07-2019 and 28-07-2019, respectively. The discharging of urea from 1st vessel commenced on 22-07-2019 and completed on 20-08- 2019, whereas, 2nd vessel MV “Gravity” arrived on 29-07-2019, commenced discharging on 31-08-2019, and completed discharging on 28-08-2019 the details are as under:-
Sr. No. Name of Vessels Date of Arrival Quantity (MT)
1 M.V IRON LADY 22-07-2019 50,073.00
2 M.V GRAVITY 28-07-2019 50,899.00
Total 100,972.00
  • Due to efficient and professional handling of vessels, TCP earned a substantial amount of US$ 61,403.12 and saved all demurrages on vessels.


  • The financial statements for the fiscal year 2019-2020, indicate that the Corporation has earned profit of Rs. 1,452.932 Million