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Trading Corporation of Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd.

The Trading Corporation of Pakistan Limited (TCP) was set up as a private limited company in July, 1967, registered under Companies Act, 1913 (now Companies Act, 2017). The shares of the Corporation are owned by the Ministry of Commerce, Government of Pakistan.....


Serves the nations as a highly motivated corporate entity responsive to national needs and modern trading challenges.


Development of corporate structures managed by professionals. Continuous human resources development. Development of web, IT-based operational environment. Ensure total transparency and zero tolerance for corrupt practices. Optimal use of resources and economy in operations without compromising quality. Continuous update on national and international markets. Capacity enhancement.

About Us


Setup in 1967, TCP acted as a public sector trade house for exporting of agriculture and consumer goods and import of essential commodities under the specific directives of the Government. However in January, 1995 the Federal Cabinet assigned the following new role to TCP:-

Syed Rafeo Bashir Shah

Outgoing Chairman

Board of Directors

Corporate Information

The Management of the Corporation is vested in a Board of Directors comprising a Chairman who is the Chief Executive of the Corporation. Six(06) Directors nominated by the Government of Pakistan are other Directors on the board. The Chairman being Chief Executive is responsible for over-all management and operations of the Corporation. For day-to-day operations, the Board has delegated some of its powers to the Executive Committee consisting of all full-time Executive Directors.

TCP History

Our Legacy So Far

Stabilize market conditions and neutralize effect of high market prices resulting from unwarranted escalation by private importers and, ipso facto, act as a check on disparity between import prices and scarcity prices.


set up as a private limited company.

Rs. 0


subsequently increased to Rs. 7.5 million in 1971 against authorized capital.

Rs. 350.


paid up capital is in hand.


the Government assigned new role to TCP to stabilize the prices.