Pre Qualification Process of suppliers of Commodities, Service Providers and Contractors

Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) have introduced a comprehensive process for Pre-Qualification Of its Suppliers, Vendors / Service Providers and Contractors in Order to streamline the process for procurement and hiring of services as notified by TCP vide its advertisement dated 18-05-2012 in leading newspapers.

The Pre Qualification criteria shall be as under:-

(A) Ongoing process of Pre Qualification

Pre Qualification of following categories shall continue throughout the year.
The Pre-Qualification is subject to fulfillment of terms and conditions mentioned in Pre-Qualification documents available with relevant Divisions of TCP.

(I) Foreign suppliers engaged in supply of Urea, Wheat, and Sugar etc
(II) General Orders Suppliers 
(III) Service Providers like Pre Shipment Inspection, Transporters, Clearing Agent

(B) Pre Qualification /Enlistment of Project specific contractors

Prequalification of following stack holders shall be advertised/made once every year in January. The Process of Pre Qualification shall remain open from 1st to 31st January.TCP will bring out advertisement in the national papers once a year inviting applications for Pre-Qualification of the following categories.

(I) Stevedores/Handling agents 
(II) Muqaddam
(III) Surveyors 

This is to clarify that Pre-Qualification, as above, will be strictly in accordance with the requirements laid down in Public Procurement Rules, 2004, besides the additional criteria, if any, prescribed by TCP.

Procedure for Prequalification of Suppliers and Contractors

In furtherance of the requirements as stipulated under the Public Procurement Rules, 2004 and with a view to ensuring widest participation and healthy competition in the public interest vis-a-vis the tenders floated by TCP for procurement of commodities, or hiring of various services that continues either round the year or once a year, the following requirements will apply to the applicant seeking prequalification as suppliers and contractors/service providers with this Corporation:

(i) Request for pre-qualification can be made by the applicant possessing necessary experience and expertise .
(ii) Applicant will apply separately for the commodity or services of his interest-for example, suppliers of Urea will only apply for that commodity.
(iii) Applicant who has applied after the publication of a tender notice will not be entitled to participate in that tender even if his application is accepted before the date of submission of bids against such tender.

* The applicant will provide the following information /documentation alongwith his written request: 

(i) Name and address of firm with telephone and fax numbers e-mail address, NTN and NIC;
(ii) Evidence of previous experience of trade in respective field (at least three years) in case the applicant is a service provider;
(iii) Certificate of membership of concerned recognized trade association, or business chamber as the case may be;
(iv) Applicant's profile with details of the constitution of his firm including names of Directors/Partners/Proprietor;
(v) Financial status report about applicant's financial standing and business integrity from his bank, alongwith bank statement showing trade transactions of last six months;
(vi) Questionnaire duly filled-in (the questionnaire can be obtained from Cash Section of TCP, located at 04th Floor, Block-B, Finance & trade Centre, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi).
(vii) An Affidavit to the effect that there was no previous litigation of the applicant or his local agent with TCP; and
(viii) An Affidavit/declaration from the applicant that all the papers/documents and the information furnished by him are genuine and true in terms of their contents and that if established otherwise at any later stage during the processing of the pre-qualification request or subsequently, he will be liable to blacklisting attracted under TCP's Public Notice 01 of 2010 dated September 03, 2010, besides other action that the Corporation might deem fit to take.

* In the case of applicant seeking pre-qualification to supply commodities in response to international tender, the above requirements will stand further added (or modified where necessary) as follows:

(i) Name and address of applicant’s local agents with telephone and fax numbers e-mail address, NTN and NIC.
(ii) Evidence of previous experience of export/supply of the relevant commodity (at least 2 years) duly supported with bills of lading confirming actual shipment / export;
(iii) Copy of the agreement signed between the applicant (principal) and the local agent, alongwith necessary authority to the local agents; and
(iv) An Affidavit to the effect that the principal or his local agent has not been black-listed by any Government department/autonomous body; 
(v) The Affidavit/declaration as required under para-2 (viii)/above will be countersigned by the local agent in the case of a foreign applicant/supplier.

* All the papers/documents/information to be provided will be in English Language. In case these are furnished in language other than English, they should be got translated in English and verified by Pakistan’s Mission in the concerned country.

* The applicant who has been a supplier/contractor in the past but has failed to perform the contract duly awarded to him will not be able to apply afresh.

* The parties who are already Pre-Qualified with TCP for supply of commodities/Services need not apply again.

* TCP reserves the right to demand/call for any other information; and seek verification of the documents/information furnished by the applicant from the source it deems fit to do so.

* Only application complete in all respects will be accepted for processing. Incomplete application will be returned forthwith by the TCP to the applicant with a memo indicating the deficient data. Applicant will be required to resubmit the revised/complete application within a period of one month, failing which the application will not be entertained. In such an event, applicant will not be able to re-apply before the expiry of six months from the last date required for revised/completed application. Similarly, if the application is found incomplete even upon resubmission, the applicant will not be able to apply afresh during the six months that will follow the submission of the incomplete information for the second time.

* The applicant (supplier/contractor) once pre-qualified, will inform the TCP of any material changes in terms of the constitution/status of his firm, change of local agents, his address and contact alongwith the same of his local agent, change in the status of membership of the concerned trade association or business chamber, etc. Such information will be provided to the TCP within thirty (30) days of its occurrence.

* This takes effect from 18th May, 2012.

*For submission of applications or any clarification/inquiry following officers of TCP can be contacted.
  • For foreign Suppliers of Urea/Sugar and Wheat etc
    General Manager (Imports) PH- 021-99207549
  • For General Order Suppliers 
    General Manager (Administration & HR) PH-021-99202967
  • For Pre-Shipment Inspection at load port and Clearing Agents 
    General Manager (Port Operations Division) PH-021-99207550
  • For in land Transportation of goods etc 
    General Manager (Dispatch Operation Division) PH-021-99202957
  • For Surveyors and Labor Contractors etc 
    General Manager (Godowns) PH-021-99202563