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Administrative and Operational
General Administration & HR Division    
Entrusted with the administrative and HR matters of  the Corporation.
Legal Division
Deals with the corporate and legal affairs of the Corporation.
Finance Division
Deal with all the Financial matters.
Accounts Division
Deals  with all the Accounts matter including payments by the Corporation including receipts and payments.
Internal Audit & Inspection Division  
Internal check and pre-audit of payments.
Export & Marketing Coordination Division     
Deals with the export and marketing of the commodities ( other than cotton) Floating and finalization of local sale tenders etc.
Market Assessment and Imports Division  
Import of various commodities and handle of Aid items
Procurement & Quality Assurance Division
Procurement and sale/disposal of Lint Cotton.
Dispatch & Port Operation Division
Clearance shipping and transportation of TCP's
Godown Division      
Inventory management, distribution and maintenance of TCP Godowns.
Real Estate Management & Security Division
Oversees real estate affairs and fixed assets and Deal with security matters.